We love celebrating Independence Day! The 4th of July is a landmark summer celebration that invites the town together with food and fun. As the first holiday of the summer season, making this day special is easier than you might think!

4th of july parade

Preparation Is Key

The first step is to choose a date and let your town departments in on the plan. You can keep your parade low-key by choosing a dead-end street and making a quick stop at each home to let them know what you have in mind. If you want something a little larger scale, consult with your town police and fire department so they are on the same page in case they are needed for anything. This is a great idea no matter the size of your parade in case any permits or emergency services are needed. Your local police and fire departments may be able to stop in for the festivities which will get the kids extra excited!

4th of july parade

Involve the Community

Entertainment is abundant in your community! Contact local school bands to see if they want to participate in leading your parade with music! Reaching out to after-school activity groups and local rec centers can provide amazing talent that will take your parade to the next level. Gymnasts, hula-hoopers, face-painters, and musicians will add a creative element to your celebration.

If you are planning your parade on a residential street, involving the homes is a great way to bring families out into the action. With enough notice, little ones can set up lemonade booths, popsicle stands, or prepare tables where participants can pick up kazoos, flags, and other exciting 4th of July props! A great way to let the community know of your event is to post on a social media group. Seek out a town group on Facebook where you can start a thread and involve others!

4th of july parade sparklers

End With a Bang

Every 4th of July parade needs fireworks! This can be as simple as sparklers! If you want something a little brighter, plan to have the end of your parade be a large area where you can set off a couple of small-scale fireworks. For a larger event, contact your town ordinance office to find out how to set up a firework display that will light up the town!


Events By Deb plans a variety of summer activities! We love to plan events that involve communities and facilitate the participation of everyone who wants to be a part of it! Connecting all the pieces to plan a large-scale parade can take a little bit of work. Give us a call for your next holiday celebration!