It seems like bridal show and expos are everywhere around a certain time of year. The big question: is it worth your time to attend one, or multiple of these events?


Swag! You’ll get loads of goodies from these expos and who doesn’t love free stuff! From pens to mini champagne bottles to cupcakes to neat little items that you can throw in your purse we see so many cool freebies! This is also a great time for vendors to give out coupons and deals for their services which will help a lot in the long run if you find your perfect match and end up booking one or a couple while you’re there or afterwards.

Wedding Expo Swag

No pressure. This isn’t a sit down conversation which insinuates you’re going to book us. The casual setting makes it a great opportunity to see the true personality of many wedding vendors and see if you connect right off the bat. This also saves you a lot of time overall, because you’re not squeezing in multiple hour long appointments with several different vendors, and you can feel out within the first couple minutes from the table display and conversation if they’re going to be right for your wedding.

Visuals. We have seen some absolutely stunning displays at these events. From cakes to wedding dresses to fully set tables, we swoon over the bridal glory these events bring to the table — literally! If you have any uncertainties of what you’re looking for (because let’s be real, no one has it planned out to every last detail) then you’ll have plenty of visual inspiration to inspire you. The best part is it’s REAL inspiration of attainable items, decor, florals, and services you can then have for your day. You’ll know the pricing, availability, and be able to make arrangements on the spot. This along can take a huge weight in planning off your shoulders because you will know exactly what to expect and exactly who will arrive on your wedding day. You can even win items like a free wedding dress and it’s definitely worth sparing a couple hours for that possibility!

Events By Deb Bride

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You’re going to get a lot of emails. Make sure you set up a separate email address for everything you’re going to want to sign up for. With so many different vendors, these email lists are great because it allows us to follow up with you, but we’ll be reaching out a couple times to see if you have any more questions for us, or want to book.

It takes time! You definitely don’t want to breeze through one of these events. Set aside the duration of the show to make sure you can hit every booth, and have a quick chat with every vendor. You may find someone perfect for your wedding you would have never found on your own by just searching online!

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What we think: definitely.

We meet many of our future clients at bridal shows because of the casual setting and incentive to attend. We often offer special deals or are able to have mini consultation which saves us time when we sit down and start hashing out the details. Do your research beforehand on who will be at the bridal show and if you already booked a wedding planner, ask their opinion as well. We always set up a table at these events because you truly never know who you’re going to meet and how you’re going to hit it off! We met our first bride of 2017 in person at a bridal show after working together for some marketing work online. It was amazing to meet and realize it was a match made in heaven and the conversation we had make a huge impact on planning her fabulous wedding!