As we embark on a brand new year, we all adjust our goals to fit the timeline we have set up. No matter what kind of event you are planning, having a month by month countdown with achievable milestones will keep you stress-free and in line for success.

new year goals

Time to break out the calendar. Whether you use a pen to paper planner or rely solely on the calendar on your phone, marking specific dates to hold yourself accountable will help you A LOT in the long run.  What date is your event? What vendors have you already booked? We just saw many engagements on our Facebook over the holidays which gives you a fresh map to success.

10-12 Months Before Event

Collect inspiration images and determine the budget. This is the best time to hire an event planner to keep you on track and answer any big questions if you have never planned an event before.

Organize names and addresses for your guest list.

8-10 Months Before Event

Time to establish goals and objectives. Your date should be chosen.

Next, research and book your venue. Our last blog went over creating a budget. In that blog we detailed the big questions such as where the event is being held, how many guests are attending, and what kind of event & theme you are envisioning.

Book your florist, caterer, photographer, DJ or musicians..

6-8 Months Before Event

Book additional vendors such as hair and make up and rentals.

Planning a wedding? Choose your wedding dress and cake!

Create a registry.

Book hotel rooms and a honeymoon.

The Last 6 Months

This is when you really want to focus on finalizing any choices. Your event planner will be able to keep you in line for the smaller details and assist in any last minute choices that still need to be made. This is the fun time for venue walkthroughs, final seating charts, hair and makeup trials, gift purchases, dress fittings, tastings, and final day-of timelines.

event planning timeline

Keep in mind, this overview is to help you set a tangible countdown for your even in the new year. No matter what your event is, big or small, checking off milestones along the way from the moment you choose your date will set all other decisions in motion. We always encourage a consultation with us to help you decide if our services will be of assistance to your event. Sometimes all you need is to talk it out to decide what your true vision is! We look forward to our upcoming events and weddings in 2018 and can’t wait to hear your dreams and make them a reality!

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