What’s trending? Earlier this month, we talked about planning corporate events & parties. In case you missed it, check out the blog here! To go along with this topic, we wanted to touch on meeting trends for 2018. We get asked all the time to help plan office parties, large corporate gatherings, or tips on putting together a quality and enjoyable meeting atmosphere. In an industry that focuses on milestones, we like to plan events for these smaller victories, too! No matter your profession, at one point you have had to attend a meeting.

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Focus on Technology.

Using digital media has been a meeting staple, but now all focus will be on the big screen. Don’t get stuck in dated methods, switch over to the screens. You’ll save paper and hold attention longer a little longer than classic binder presentations. Many companies are distributing tablets for agenda notes and revving up the creative displays of concepts.

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Facilitate focus.

Refreshments can be a great addition to meetings. Create an informal discussion portion where the meeting attendees can help themselves to coffee and light snacks. Invite thoughts and opinions on an open forum basis while reviving staff with creative bites and catering.

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Follow Up.

A lot of buzz can occur after a meeting. Follow up with staff with a follow up to prompt additional discussion and thoughts on your topics. This is also great as an agenda reminder, highlighting key points and asking for attendees to think beyond the initial meeting.