Every good event is a collaboration of the vendors and hours put into creating it. Each piece of the puzzle comes together to form the final product. Choosing the right team can make or break your event when it comes time to make the magic happen. How can you make sure you choose the right vendors for event success?

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Compare Aesthetics

Look over your list of necessary vendors and put together a cohesive theme you want them all to share. This should be based on the overall theme of your event. You wouldn’t want to hire a club DJ for a baby shower, or a clown for a vintage inspired wedding. By having vendors who match your vision, you’ll be happy with the end result as a whole.

Ask The Right Questions

The best way to conduct a vendor interview is to be prepared to ask questions so you aren’t left wondering what to expect. What is their experience with certain situations? Do you have any specific requests you want to make sure they can fulfill? Be open and honest about your expectations so they can be candid about their ability to live up to your vision.

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Do Your Research

Reviews matter. When customer takes the time to write up how their experience went, there was an impression that’s worth taking into consideration. Look deeper than just the star rating. With any vendor, there may be different people who represent that company such as make up teams, floral designers, and even wedding planners. Know exactly who is going to be showing up the day of and confirm their track record for reliability, professionalism, and overall customer satisfaction.