It is easy to get caught up in the world of working for things. We’re all guilty of it, and often have to take a step back to remember the whys of needing to purchase items or save up to spend. While we all have the necessities, we plan on stepping into Spring with a clear head and heart, and really appreciate life without all the material that goes along with it.

Good Vibes Only

We’re making some changes this year and 2017 is full of only positive thoughts! Start your day with 5 personal goals and 5 professional goals. Writing down your thoughts after waking up is a great way to purge any lingering ideas from the day before and set your day in motion with a plan of action. At the end of the day, write down 5 things you are thankful for and 5 things you did well that day. Self-motivation is extremely powerful when you have positive and focused thoughts. We recommend keeping a journal with you to jot down whenever you feel inspiration, or to work through any anxieties. It is often as easy as purging those thoughts onto paper to get them out of your head and then make a plan of change.

happiness at the beach

Get Inspired

Find the creative outlets that get your mind moving and gears turning. We try to pick up at least one book a week and read cover to cover between Monday and Friday. Whatever the topic, enjoy fully and let yourself be immersed. If you don’t think you can fit an entire book into your schedule, jump online and set aside ten minutes a day for a blog or podcast that sparks creative energy. It can be easy to feel stale and routine when we get set in our day by day work/life balance. Connecting with others via books or media, even listening to your favorite album while plugging away at finances or making dinner will subconsciously pull out some inner inspiration you may have lost in the daily shuffle, otherwise!

writing goals

Hustle With Purpose

Always work smarter, not harder. When it comes to business, it’s important to make sure you have the end goal in mind when you work so you don’t waste time or exhaust yourself on a project that doesn’t require as much attention. Prioritize your day, week, and month to have a clear perspective on what needs to be accomplished and why. Knowing the why of your tasks will not only motivate you, but allow you to appreciate your work and even enjoy it. Every day should be celebrated, even if you do have to tackle that 9-5 job.

Our goal to love life and not just things is an introspective process on what we value, what we need, and what we can eliminate from our lives. Every part of our day, no matter how mundane seeming, can be charged with energy and excitement. Our goals for 2017 include finding inspiration in small moments, creating better work environments for us and those around us, and supercharging our relationships with positive vibes and support. Grab a notebook and see what thoughts flow. What goals will set you apart from 2016 and leave you inspired and fulfill, not just what you can purchase or touch. See you next month!