Labor Day marks the end of Summer, but that doesn’t stop us from celebrating! When the temperature cools down our grills heat up for great Labor Day festivities. How do you throw together a great party that will leave an impression? 

labor day cookout ideas

Red, White, & Blue Desserts!

Layer blueberries, strawberries (or raspberries!) and vanilla pudding or cool whip for a totally Patriotic dessert that’s packed with fruits! It’ll be a healthy alternative for the kids and a bright addition to your meal.

Speaking of food – go Potluck! Invite your friends to bright their favorite dish to share and bring the recipe to share the wealth! This will guarantee everyone, regardless of any dietary restrictions, has something to eat – and everyone will love sharing something they love!

Enjoy some rays! Set up the party with an indoor and outdoor option so your guests can enjoy the end of summer but be able to duck inside if weather changes. An unexpectedly hot day or rain shower won’t ruin your celebration.