Throwing a party is an exciting way to get creative and impress your guests! When you don’t know how to start decorating, think of these couple tips to get started!

Start with colors. Choose 2-3 colors that go with your party theme. No theme? No problem! Keep it casual and go with versatile, classic options like streamers, tissue pom-poms, and hanging lanterns.  Create an ambiance with lighting and set out simple table cloths.

balloons party planning decor

Amp up the eatery. Choose utensils, cups, napkins, and plates that add a little extra classiness. Party stores have an amazing selection of these items that can match your color scheme or pair perfectly with a crystal-like look.

Let the refreshments become decor. Put a signature beverage in a drink dispenser and let your guests serve themselves with ease. Place with a metal bucket filled with ice, bottles, and cans along side wooden cutting boards with snacks such as cheese and crackers. The visual elements of your display will add to the decor while being functional. Place a bundle of balloons and voila!

refreshments party planning decor tips