As event planners, we talk a lot about budget. It’s the foundation of your entire event. Knowing how much to spend and how to create a vision on a certain budget can of course be challenging. Planning a big wedding or event while sticking to a smaller budget can be extra challenging. Booking quality vendors and achieving a beautiful aesthetic can be done, it’s all about how you approach it!

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Start with the Vendors

Booking quality vendors for your wedding or event are priority. There is always room to save in other areas, when it comes to a reliable and professional vendor we encourage stretching the budget in those areas. That’s not to say a cheaper price tag does not mean quality, but often in the industry you get what you pay for. For example, on your wedding day you should look for a photographer that brings a second shooter for the best photos. Your caterer should include a team of staff. Always ask what is included in the price. You may be able to get more bang for your buck with a certain vendor so always know what their package includes!

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The Details Can Be Duped! 

We hate to break it to you, but your dream Pinterest table setting costs A LOT. Just one table on some of the Pinterest boards can be thousands of dollars. Now multiply by how many tables you need to seat all your guests. However, these photos are wonderful inspiration to find less expensive versions of the look you want for your event or wedding. Having a wedding planner to locate rental companies and wholesale vendors for items you need to purchase or simply rent for the day will save you a lot.

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Don’t Stress

Overthinking your budget can lead you to settle for things you may not truly want for your wedding or event. Be conscious of what your budget is and have a priority list of what you need to book, rent, or purchase. Having a planner to keep you on budget can eliminate a lot of the stress and be well worth the investment.