Did you feel the pressure to pop the question on Valentine’s Day, but didn’t think it was just right? You did nothing wrong! The traditions of Valentine’s Day often associate to marriages, courtship, and proposals but hey, these are more modern times. Waiting until after the holiday lets you make the day about your relationship, and not commercial notions of red roses and chocolates.


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Make It Special

The bright side: she is definitely not expecting it. After the holidays, Valentine’s Day in the media and internet does everything it can to make us think we have to complete a grand gesture by February 14th. Once the evening passed and no ring was dropping in the champagne or hidden in the dessert, she probably relaxed a little bit and just moved on the February being just another month. Time for the surprise!

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Everlasting Love

The best way to propose after Valentine’s Day is to keep calm and kick anything tacky. It may be tempting to go after some of the on sale V-Day items, but personalizing the proposal will show her you intended to plan the moment after the holiday and didn’t just botch it on the 14th. Whatever you did for Valentine’s Day, do the opposite. If you treated her to roses, chocolates, and a fancy dinner, bring her to the place you met or put together your own home cooked meal. Planning a weekend away post Valentine’s Day is also a great idea to take her out of her expectations and get swept away in relaxation away from home. Without having to stress about cooking or cleaning, you can enjoy the moment together and show her how important she is to you.


Make It Your Own

Valentine’s Day says a lot about what your significant other thinks is cute and what is over the top. Ladies, that goes for you too, there is nothing wrong with proposing if that’s the type of relationship you have! Being a good listener and knowing what is truly their favorite flower or if they mentioned hoping friends and family are around when they get engaged will make sure your plan is executed perfectly. Set up someone with a camera phone to capture the true surprise of being asked after the day of love!

No matter where or how you ask, the important thing is what you say. Keep it short and simple, letting your fiance-to-be know you want to spend the rest of your life together and every day together is like Valentine’s Day!

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