When embarking on the large task of planning an event you may not know where to begin. As professional wedding planners, we have some inside secrets from the successes and obstacles that we have faced in our experience with the world of event planning. How to plan the best possible event without going overboard, over-budget, or overworking yourself. The key here is to work smarter and not harder so you can take the time to enjoy your event and all you have created.

Budget For Your Event

Budget First

The biggest blunder we see people get into when planning an event is not establishing a set in stone budget beforehand. We see this topic come up a lot when discussing any type of event planning because it truly is the foundation of the planning process. The most important tip we have for anyone is to sit down and evaluate financials. This means the money available at the moment first and foremost. You may be allotted a certain amount from a company or person, or be working with out of pocket cash. Don’t rely on promises, possible raises/bonuses, or anything that isn’t guaranteed and factored into your typical, weekly budget.

Priority List

Prioritizing Is Key

After laying the foundation the next step is the building blocks of the event. Consider the type of event you are planning and ask the big W questions: who, what, where, when. At this point you want to start to divvy up the above decided budget into importance so you know what you can settle on and what deserves your time and resources. Who will be invited? This will determine your guest list and size. What is the occasion? This will factor in theme, formality, and many required vendors. Where will the event be held? The big one here is venue! When is the event? This will help you create a timeline of how quickly you need to book various items and how flexible you can be on dates, times, and decision making.

DIY Centerpieces and Decor

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A major tip we have for anyone embarking on planning an event is to get creative and DIY as many things as you can. Not only do DIY items such as decor, florals, lighting, and stationary have a personal touch but doing things yourself can have a huge impact on stretching your budget. This is also the perfect time to release some creative energy and have some serious fun while planning your event. We love spending time at craft stores, perusing antique shops, and getting our hands on some amazing flea market finds to put that unique touch on our events that leave our guests saying “WOW!”.

No matter what type of event you are planning, take some of our beginner’s tips from seasoned professionals to keep your stress levels down and your aesthetic appeal at an all time high. Budget, prioritize, and get creative so your event goes off without a hitch and your guests can’t help but talking about it for weeks afterwards!