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Planning a corporate event can require a little extra attention to detail. These types of parties have to reflect professionalism and stick to a tight budget. These events also cater to a large group with a specific theme. To lift morale and celebrate achievements within an office environment, planning a corporate event may seem overwhelming!

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Location, location!

The best corporate events and parties are held in a location that is not the office. The change of environment is a necessary expense that will set the event apart from the regular work week. Choosing a venue that facilitates chairs and tables, and even offers catering packages, is the best way to execute a change of scenery. Don’t put in more work than you have to! Many locations can combine packages of different vendors to the type of event you’re looking to host.

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Go digital.

A major benefit to hiring an audio and visual expert is the seamless use of technology to keep material accessible. Music to allow guests to mingle and the easy switch to any presentation or special recognition videos will integrate information in an exciting way.

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Plan a Takeaway.

A well thought out corporate event will leave all attendees with a take away. This could be a clever piece of marketing material integrated into a bulk purchased item they will use like pens, notepads, etc. Personalizing materials will add a unique gift that will continue to spark creativity and ideas past the event.

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Virtual Content.

With smartphones and tablets always on hand, utilizing virtual content such as check ins and contests can set your corporate event apart. Inspire interactions and peak interest simultaneously. Attribute a social media check in contest or a Pokémon Go location for marketing and virtual fun!