Planning a wedding involves a lot of compromise. It can be especially challenging when you and your partner cannot seem to agree on anything! We like to sit down with our couples and find out exactly what makes their relationship tick. Similarities in taste and style are major green lights during this conversation! With so many small details, it’s easy to get caught up in wanting everything to go our way.

How do you compromise?

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Shenell & Keith Wedding April 29, 2017

Find common ground in colors and themes. Giving yourselves concrete options to decide between will allow you to narrow down one choice you can both agree upon. Roses or peonies? Pink or yellow? Candles or florals? Write down the items you cannot seem to agree on and circle your first and second choices out of each category. Then switch papers and see what your partner has chosen. DJ or Band? Maybe your husband-to-be has a great suggestion you didn’t think of!

The guest list can be another tricky spot where we see couples disagree. Give yourself a limit and stick to it. Go with an A and B list so you have a better perspective on who HAS to be invited and who you simply would like to include. If you have to narrow down the list, it will help to know who is a priority such as family and close friends.

Events By Deb

Amanda Loren Pottinger

Remember why you are planning your wedding! This is about you BOTH! There are special things that brought you two together. Remember those little things that make you both light up and don’t sweat all the small details. That’s what your planner is there for! We help guide your way with options, so you can compromise a little easier.